Traducere apply în Dicționarul Englez Român


(ə'plī )

verb tranzitiv
a aplica
a lipi
a pune

he applied his ear to the wall = isi lipi urechea de perete
to apply the brakes = a pune frana, a administra (un medicament)
a pune in practica
a aplica
(to): a indrepta (asupra)
a consacra
to apply one`s mind to smth. = a se concentra asupra unui lucru
to apply oneself = a-si da silinta, a se stradui
to apply oneself to a task = a se dedica unei sarcini
verb intranzitiv
(to): a se aplica (la), a se adapta (la)
(to, at): a se adresa (la)
apply at the office = adresati-va biroului
(for): a solicita
manny people had applied for the post = multi oameni solicitasera postul

(verb) resist, relieve, defy, exempt, refuse, free

(verb) employ, enforce, give, hold, implement, practice, use, utilize