Traducere beat în Dicționarul Englez Român


(bēt )

bataie (a inimii)
(muz.): masura
batere a masurii
verb tranzitiv
a bate
a lovi
(muz.): a bate masura
a bate
a invinge
a depasi
a bate metalul
a forja
(d. valuri): a se izbi de
verb intranzitiv
a bate
(d. inima): a bate
a pulsa

to beat at the door = a bate la usa
to beat about the bush = a vorbi pe ocolite
to beat the air = a se afla in treaba, a face ceva fara rost
to be on the beat = a patrula
to beat one`s brain = a-si bate capul
a beaten track = o cale batatorita
to beat time = a bate tactul
to beat a retreat = a bate in retragere
we beat them hollow = i-am invins usor
that beats me! = asta ma depaseste!
dead beat = frant de oboseala
to beat back = a respinge
to beat down = a reduce pretul
to beat down smb. in price = a face pe cineva sa lase din pret
to beat down = a infrange, a dobori
to beat down = a descuraja
to beat out = a dezbate
to beat out = a forja (un metal)
to beat up = a bate (oua, crema)
to beat up = a parcurge (o distanta)
to beat up (mil) = a recruta

(substantiv) cadence, measure, meter, metre, pulsation, pulse, rhythm, round
(verb) amaze, baffle, bewilder, bunk, circumvent, crush, drum, dumbfound, exhaust, flap, get, gravel, mystify, nonplus, outwit, overreach, perplex, pose, pound, pulsate, puzzle, quiver, scramble, shell, stick, stupefy, thump, tick, trounce, vanquish, vex