Traducere blow în Dicționarul Englez Român


(blō )

verb intranzitiv
a inflori
(d. vant): a sufla
a bate
(d. persoane): a sufla greu
a gafai
verb tranzitiv
(d. vant): a duce
a purta
a sufla in
a canta la (un instrument)
a goli prin suflare
a goli printr-un curent de aer
(d. muste): a strica (carnea)
(fam.): a blestema
curent de aer
(tehn.): aer insuflat
(mar.): furtuna

the wind is blowing hard = vantul sufla tare
it is blowing up for rain = vantul anunta ploaie
to blow away = a se imprastia, a fi purtat
to blow away = dus (de vant, de un curent de aer)
the clouds had blown away = norii se risipira
to blow in (fam.) = a pica pe neasteptate
to blow on/upon smb. = a discredita pe cineva
to blow on/with = a sufla la (un instrument muzical)
to blow out = a se stinge (d. o lumanare)
to blow out = a exploda
to blow out (d. o sarma electrica) = a se topi
to blow over (d. o furtuna etc.) = a trece
to blow over (fig.) = a fi dat uitarii
to blow up = a exploda, a sari in aer
blow high blow low = orice ar fi, orice s-ar intampla
at one blow = dintr-o data
in full blow = in plina floare
to come to blows = a ajunge la bataie
to exchange blows = a se lupta
to strike a blow for = a sprijini, a ajuta
to strike a blow for = a lupta pentru
without striking a blow = fara lupta
his death was a great blow to me = moartea lui a fost lovitura grea pentru mine
the wind blew my hat off = vantul mi-a zburat palaria
to blow the horn = a sufla din corn
to blow one`s own horn = a-si face singur reclama
to blow one`s nose = a-si sufla nasul
to blow bubbles = a sufla baloane de sapun
to blow kisses = a trimite bezele
you be blown! = sa te ia naiba!
to blow away (d. vant) = a duce, a purta
to blow off steam (tehn.) = a da drumul la abur
to blow off steam (fig.) = a-si descarca surplusul de energie
to blow out = a stinge prin suflare
to blow out a candle = a stinge o lumanare
to blow out one`s brains = a-si zbura creierii
to blow up = a face sa sara in aer, sa explodeze
to blow up = a sufla in
to blow up the fire = a sufla in foc, a atata focul
to blow up the fire = a umple cu aer, a umfla
to blow up a tyre = a umfla un cauciuc
to be blown up with pride = a fi plin de sine

(verb) conserve, economize, husband

(substantiv) blast, bump, C, coke, gust, puff, reversal, reverse, shock, snow
(verb) bluster, boast, botch, brag, bumble, bungle, drift, float, fluff, fumble, gas, mishandle, muff, spoil, squander, vaunt, waste