Traducere count în Dicționarul Englez Român


(kant )

(jur.): cap de acuzatie
verb tranzitiv
a numara
a pune la socoteala
(fig.): a considera
a socoti
verb intranzitiv
a numara
a calcula
a conta
a valora
a avea importanta

to count on/upon = a conta pe
to count for much = a fi de mare importanta
every minute counts = fiecare minut conteaza
that doesn`t count = asta nu conteaza
to keep count = a tine socoteala
to lose count = a prinde socoteala
to take count of smth. = a tine cont de ceva, a lua in seama ceva
I took no count of what he said = n-am luat in seama ce a spus
I do not count him a friend of mine = nu-l socotesc prietenul meu
we counted him as dead = l-am considerat mort
to count in = a include, a pune la socoteala
to count out = a lasa de-o parte, a nu socoti printre
to count out = (box) a declara invins prin knock-out
to count up = a face socoteala, a totaliza

(substantiv) enumeration, numeration, reckoning, tally
(verb) bet, calculate, consider, depend, enumerate, look, matter, number, reckon, weigh