Traducere down în Dicționarul Englez Român


(dan )

(pl.): dune (de nisip)
coborare(fig.): nesansa
lipsa de noroc
care coboara
care este indreptat in jos
verb tranzitiv
a dobori
a tranti

down train = tren care pleaca de la Londra spre o alta localitate
down pillow = pilota
the ups and downs of life = vicisitudinile vietii
to have a down on smb. = a avea pica pe cineva
to down tools = a face greva
the blinds were down = storurile erau lasate in jos, trase
to look down = a se uita (in) jos
to throw down = a arunca jos, la pamant
to fall down = a cadea jos
to be down with influenza = a fi la pat, bolnav de gripa
to be/feel down (in spirits) = a fi deprimat, trist
down in the mouth = fara chef, plictisit
to be down on one`s luck = a avea ghinion
to be down and out = a fi ruinat, distrus
to come down in the world = a scapata
to sail down with the wind = a naviga in directia vantului
all the poels down to Shelley = toti poetii pana la shelley
from the year 1755 down to the present times = din anul 1755 pana in vremurile de azi
oral productions handed down from generation to generation = productii orale transmise din generatie in generatie
to go down to the country = a pleca la tara
he was coming down from London = venea din Londra
to go down = a cobori
to go down = a pleca in concediu
he lives somewhere down in Surrey = locuieste undeva in surrey
to cry down = a discredita
to run down = a denigra
prices are down = preturile au scazut
to boil down = a face sa scada prin fierbere
to cut down prices = a reduce preturile
down at heels = scalciat
to wear down = a uza
to tone down = a atenua, a potoli
to put smth. down = a desfiinta ceva
to put down a rebellion = a reprima o revolta
to put smb. down = a certa, a mustra pe cineva
to hiss down an orator = a huidui un orator
when you have cooled down = cand te vei fi calmat
cash/money down = bani pesin
to pay down = a plati bani gheata
to be down for = a fi inscris la
what shall I put you down for? = cu cat sa va trec?
to have smth. down on paper = a avea ceva scris pe hartie
he was down upon him in no time = se napusti asupra lui intr-o clipita
up and down = in sus si in jos, de colo-colo
down to = pana la
that suits me down to the ground = asta imi convine de minune
down with = jos cu
down with your money = pune banii jos
to come/get down to business = a discuta probleme in mod serios, concret
to talk down to = a vorbi simplu, pe intelesul tuturor
down the hill = in josul dealului
the tears were rolling down her cheeks = lacrimile i se scurgeau de-a lungul obrajilor
down the list = de-a lungul listei

(adjectiv) up
(adverb) upward, upwards

(substantiv) pile
(adverb) downward
(adjectiv) cut
(verb) consume, devour, kill, land, polish, pop, refine