Traducere drink în Dicționarul Englez Român


(driŋk )

un pahar (de bautura)
o inghititura
verb tranzitiv
a bea
a inchina in sanatatea (cuiva)
(d. plante, pamant): a absorbi (umezeala)
verb intranzitiv
a bea
a fi betiv

to drink to smb. = a bea in sanatatea cuiva
strong drinks = bauturi spirtoase
soft drinks = bauturi nealcoolice
small drink = bere
to have a drink = a bea
in drink = beat
to be on the drink = a fi betiv
to stand drinks round = a plati un rand (de pahare)
to drink oneself drunk = a se imbata
to drink the cup of pain = a bea din paharul amaraciunilor
they drank his health = au baut in sanatatea lui
to drink hard/heavily/like a fish = a bea vartos
to drink oneself to death = a se distruge band
he drinks us all under the table = rezista la bautura mai mult ca noi toti
to drink away = a-si ineca (amarul) in vin
to drink away = a-si pierde ratiunea etc. band
to drink down = a da pe gat
to drink in = a absorbi
(fig.) to drink in = a sorbi cu nesat
to drink off/up = a da pe gat, a goli dintr-o inghititura

(substantiv) beverage, deglutition, drinkable, drunkenness, potable, swallow
(verb) booze, fuddle, imbibe, pledge, salute, toast