Traducere eat în Dicționarul Englez Român


(ēt )

verb tranzitiv
a manca
a roade, a macina
verb intranzitiv
a manca

to eat into/in/through = a roade, a distruge
to eat smb. out of house and home = a pagubi pe cineva
to eat smb. out of house and home = a-i manca si urechile cuiva
to eat humble pie = a se umili
to eat one`s words = a-si retrage cuvintele
to eat one`s words = a inghiti cuvintele
to eat one`s heart out = a se consuma, a se zbuciuma in tacere
to eat away = a devora
to eat away = a roade, a macina, a nimici incetul cu incetul
to eat up = a manca in intregime, a inghiti
to be eaten up with pride = a nu-si mai incapea in piele de mandrie
to eat one`s dinners/terms = a se pregati pentru avocatura

(verb) consume, corrode, deplete, exhaust, feed, rust