Traducere fit în Dicționarul Englez Român


(fit )

(for, to): bun (pentru, la)
(for, to): corespunzator
(fam.): in forma
(to): care merita (sa)
(to): in stare (sa)
capabil (sa)
(to): apt (pentru)
stare trecatoare
verb tranzitiv
(e. a.): a corupe prin dare de mita
verb intranzitiv
a se potrivi
a fi corespunzator
a(-i) sedea bine
a(-i) veni bine

if you think fit to = daca crezi ca e nimerit, potrivit sa
he is not yet fit to travel = inca nu e stare sa calatoreasca
your coat fits well = haina iti vine bine
to fit in = a se imbuca, a se impreuna
a se potrivi
this expression does not fit in here = expresia asta nu se potriveste aici
a fit of coughing = un acces de tuse
to be in a fit = a avea un atac, o criza
to give smb. a fit = a face o surpriza cuiva
to give smb. a fit = a scandaliza pe cineva
to have a fit = (fam.) a fi uluit
to have a fit = a fi manios foc
the key fit ted the lock = cheia s-a potrivit in broasca
these clothes fit you to perfection = hainele acestea iti vin perfect
to fit on = a incerca (o haina)
to fit out = a utila, a echipa (o uzina, un vas)
to fit up = a instala, a monta

(adjectiv) unfit
(verb) discord, disaccord, disagree

(substantiv) burst, convulsion, paroxysm, scene, tantrum
(verb) accommodate, agree, check, correspond, equip, gibe, go, match, meet, outfit, suit, tally