Traducere have în Dicționarul Englez Român


(hav )

verb tranzitiv
a avea, a poseda
a lua (ca hrana etc.)
a manca, abea, a fuma etc.
a-si procura, a se folosi de
a lua
a face
a prinde
a tine
a poseda, a sti
a formula, a exprima, a zice
a avea avantaj fata de
a suferi (un accident)
verb intranzitiv
(at): a se arunca (asupra)
(at): a se agata (de)
verb tranzitiv
a avea

they will have at you = se vor agata de tine
have at him! = sa se pazeasca! il atac!
will you have this pencil? = vrei acest creion?
let me have your keys! = da-mi cheile tale!
have mercy on me = fie-ti mila de mine
he wants it and means to have it = o vrea si este decis sa si-o procure
he has it in his hand now = acum il are in mana
to have a headache = a avea durere de cap
have from = a primi de la
have from = a auzi de la
I had it from him = am auzit-o de la el
she had some tea before starling = a baut putin ceai inainte de a pleca
he had only one chop = a mancat numai un cotlet
I must have a cigarette = trebuie sa fumez o tigara
you must have a taxi = trebuie sa iei un taxi
he must have legal advice = trebuie sa se adreseze unui avocat
to have a game of billiards = a face o partida de biliard
I must have another try = trebuie sa mai fac o incercare
he had me by the throat = ma tinea de gat
he had little Latin = cunostea putina latina
I have it by heart = o stiu pe dinafara
as Shakespeare has it = dupa cum spune Shakespeare
I had him there = l-am invins aici
you have been had = te-a inselat
to have to = a avea de, a fi obligat sa, a fi nevoit sa
I have to finish this before dinner = trebuie sa termin aceasta inainte de pranz
he had to submit = fusese nevoit sa se supuna
he had his leg broken = si-a rupt piciorul
to have made = a(-si) face (de comanda)
he had a new suit made = si-a facut un costum nou
to have on = a purta (ca imbracaminte)
what did she have on? = cum era imbracata?
to have it out = a rezolva o controversa prin discutii
to have up = a aresta
to have up = a aduce in fata instantei
he has broken it = a spart-o
he has slept soundly = a dormit adanc
had he died then = daca ar fi murit atunci
have it your owen way = fa cum iti place
have done! = termina!
have a cigarette = poftiti o tigara

(verb) lack, reject, refrain, miss, refuse, abstain, decline, desist

(verb) accept, bear, birth, cause, consume, deliver, experience, feature, get, give, hold, induce, ingest, let, make, own, possess, receive, stimulate, suffer, sustain, take, throw, undergo