Traducere keep în Dicționarul Englez Român


(kēp )

(ist.): donjon
verb tranzitiv
a pastra
a opri
a nu restitui
a pastra (pt. mai tarziu)
a pune deoparte
a economisi
a avea de vanzare
a tine
a (de)tine
a retine (in inchisoare sau captivitate)
a retine
a intarzia

the fellow that kept goal = jucatorul care pazea poarta
think the weather will keep fine = cred ca timpul se va mentine frumos
keep quiet = taci din gura
keep still = nu te misca, stai linistit
if you keep doing it = daca vei continua s-o faci
where does he keep ? = unde e gazduit?
these apples do not keep = aceste mere nu se pastreaza
that business can keep = treaba aceasta poate astepta
to keep from = a sta departe, a nu se baga in
to keep away = a se tine la distanta
to keep down = a reprima, a impedica sa creasca (preturile etc.)
to keep from = a se abtine
to keep in = a nu iesi, a ramane inchis
to keep off = a se tine la distanta
keep of the grass! = nu calcati pe iarba!
to keep on = a nu se intrerupe, a continua
he kept on reading = el continua sa citeasca, a nu scoate (palaria etc.)
to keep together = a sta impreuna, a nu se desparti
to keep up = a nu se lasa doborat, a nu ceda
to keep up (with) = a se mentine la acelasi nivel
to keep up (with) = a merge tot asa de repede (ca si)
he works for his keep = se intretine singur muncind
I`ll give it to you for keeps = ti-o dau de tot
may I keep it as a souvenir? = pot sa-l pastrez ca amintire?
to keep under lock and key = a pastra sub cheie
where does he keep his money? = unde-si pastreaza banii?
that is an article we do not keep = n-avem, nu tinem acest articol
he kept us so long that we missed our train = ne-a retinut asa de mult incat am pierdut trenul
do not keep me waiting = nu ma face sa astept
to keep somebody from falling = a impedica pe cineva sa cada
he cannot keep himself from smoking = nu se poate retine sa nu fumeze
God keep you! = Domnul sa te aiba in paza!
she keeps house for him = ea ii conduce gospodaria
the garden was well kept = gradina era bine intretinuta
to keep oneis accounts = a-si tine la zi socotelile
they keep many servants = au numerosi servitori
to keep in motion = a mentine in miscare
it must be kept clean and well oiled = trebuie tinut curat si bine uns
to keep the saddle = a ramane in sa
to keep one`s ground = a nu parasi terenul, a-si mentine pozitiile
unable to keep a straight course = incapabil de a merge drept
to keep one`s word = a-si respecta cuvantul
to keep the peace = a pastra linistea publica
you do not keep time = nu mergi in cadenta
to keep back = a opri, a pastra
a intarzia
a impedica sa inainteze
to keep back = a ascunde, a nu marturisi
to keep in = a nu dezvalui, a ascunde
a tainui
a stapani
to keep in = a inabusi (un sentiment etc.)
to keep in = a opri sa iasa, a retine
a tine inchis (un elev)
to keep in = a intretine (un foc etc.)
to keep company with smb. = a merge des la cineva
to keep one`s countenance = a nu-si pierde stapanirea de sine
(fam.) keep your hair on = nu-ti pierde capul
to keep late hours = a avea obiceiul de a se culca sau a veni acasa tarziu
to keep oneself to oneself = a ocoli lumea
to keep open table = a tine masa intinsa
to keep in view = a nu scapa din vedere
to keep watch = a veghea, a organiza garda
to keep one`s temper = a nu se infuria, a se stapani
to keep under = a stapani
to keep up = a sustine, a impiedica sa scada sau sa cada
a mentine
to keep up = a intretine; a procura pe cheltuiala cuiva
to keep up = a mentine in stare buna, a pastra
a nu abandona
to keep up = a impedica sa se culce, a obliga sa stea treaz

(verb) discontinue, let, permit, lose, allow

(substantiv) dungeon, hold, livelihood, living, support, sustenance
(verb) celebrate, continue, maintain, observe, preserve, prevent, proceed, restrain, retain, save, suppress, sustain