Traducere proceed în Dicționarul Englez Român


(prə'sēd )

verb intranzitiv
a inainta
(on, with): a continua
a proceda
a avea loc, a se tine
a proveni

let us proceed = sa mergem mai departe
as he proceeded with his toilet = continuandu-si toaleta
this is how he ought to proceed in this case = iata cum trebuia sa procedeze in acest caz
to proceed to = a trece la
he proceeded to pack up his books = se apuca sa-si impacheteze cartile
to proceed against = a intenta un proces (impotriva), a da in judecata
shouts were heard to proceed from the next room = se auzira strigate din camera vecina

(verb) discontinue

(verb) continue, go, keep, move