Traducere promise în Dicționarul Englez Român


('prämis )

speranta, nadejde, perspectiva
verb tranzitiv
a promite
verb intranzitiv
a face o promisiune, a promite
a da sperante, a promite

it is one thing to promise and another to perform = una-i a promite si alta-i a face
to make a promise = a face o promisiune
to break/to go back on one`s promise = a nu-si respecta promisiunea
to keep one`s promise = a-si tine fagaduiala
to release one from one`s promise = a dezlega de cuvantul dat
an artist of promise = un artist care promite
I promise you a fair reward = iti promit o recompensa frumoasa
I promise to come = promit ca voi veni

(substantiv) hope
(verb) anticipate, assure, call, forebode, foretell, predict, prognosticate