Traducere pull în Dicționarul Englez Român


(pl )

inghititura, dusca
plimbare scurta cu barca
(fam.): avantaj (asupra cuiva)
(fam.): pila
(tipogr.): corectura in spalt
verb intranzitiv
a trage (din tigara)
a vasli
verb tranzitiv
a trage
(up): a smulge
(tipogr.): a trage, a tipari (un spalt)
a vasli
(fam.): a inhata
a rupe, a sfasia
verb intranzitiv
a trage

to pull out = (d. tren) a iesi din gara
to pull up = a castiga teren (intr-o cursa)
to pull at smth. = a trage de ceva
he was pulling hard = tragea din rasputeri
to pull out = a vasli spre larg
to pull through = a iesi din incurcatura
to pull together = a lucra mana-n mana, a se intelege
to pull up = a se opri (fiind in trasura sau calare)
to pull up = a-si reduce cheltuielile
give another pull = mai trage o data
to pull to pieces = a barfi, a vorbi de rau
to pull about = (fam.) a bruftui
to pull down = a descuraja, a demoraliza
to pull off = a obtine (un premiu)
to pullthrough = a scapa (pe cineva) din incurcatura
to pull up = a smulge (o planta etc.)
to pull up = a mustrului
he pulled me by the sleeve = m-a tras de maneca
to pull a boy`s ear = a trage un copil de urechi
to pull the wires/strings = a trage sforile
he pulls a good oar = e un bun vaslas
to pull to pieces = a rupe (in) bucati
(fam.) to pull smbs.`s leg = a duce cu presul
to pull about = a trage din toate partile
to pull down = a demola, a darama (o casa)
to pull down = a reduce, a micsora (un pret etc.)
to pull down = a ruina sanatatea cuiva
to pull off = a(-si) scoate (cizmele)
to pull off = a castiga (un meci etc.)
to pull through = a descurca
to pull oneself together = a-si veni in fire, a se linisti
to pull up = a ridica, a inalta
to pull up = a opri (un cal)
he pulled himself up = se opri brusc

(verb) drive, push, repel, repulse, force

(substantiv) drag, puff, pulling, twist, wrench
(verb) attract, commit, deplume, draw, extract, force, perpetrate, pluck, rend, rip, rive, root, side, tear