Traducere see în Dicționarul Englez Român


(sē )

(bis.): eparhie
scaun episcopal
verb tranzitiv
a vedea
a intelege, a pricepe
a sesiza
a considera, a aprecia
a vedea, a-si imagina
a conduce, a insoti
a observa, a remarca
a vizita, a se vedea cu
a consulta
a supraveghea
a avea grija de
verb intranzitiv
a vedea
a intelege, a pricepe

let me see! = sa vad!
as far as I can see = dupa cate pot pricepe
I see = inteleg
to see about smth. = a se ocupa de, a se ingriji de
to see after = a avea grija de
see to it that = ai grija ca
do you think he saw us? = crezi ca ne-a vazut?
they see things in a different light now = ei vad lucrurile altfel acum
you don`t see him kneeling at her feet, do you? = nu ti-l poti imagina ingenuncheat in fata ei, nu-i asa?
to see smb. home = a conduce pe cineva acasa
I`ll see you to the station = am sa te conduc pana la gara
I see that it is time to go = observ ca e timpul sa plec
I shall see you again soon, (e.a.) I`ll be seeing you = pe curand
(fam.) see you on Thursday! = pe joi!
to see the doctor = a consulta doctorul
see it packed yourself = supravegheaza tu insuti impachetarea
see that the door is locked = vezi sa fie usa incuiata
to see the light = a se naste
to see the sights = a vizita monumentele (unui oras)
to see things = a avea halucinatii
to see smb. further = a trimite pe cineva la toti dracii
to see about = a se ocupa de
to see after = a avea grija de
to see in = a vedea sosind
to see into = a intelege
to see into = a patrunde, a pricepe
to see off = a conduce, a insoti

(adverb) confer
(verb) ascertain, assure, attend, catch, check, consider, construe, control, date, determine, discover, encounter, ensure, escort, examine, experience, fancy, figure, find, hear, image, insure, interpret, learn, look, meet, picture, project, realize, reckon, regard, undergo, understand, view, visit, visualize, watch, witness