Traducere step în Dicționarul Englez Român


(step )

pas, cadenta
(fig.): demers, masura
treapta, pas (de scara)
verb intranzitiv
a pasi
a merge la pas

to step forward = a pasi inainte
to step across = a traversa
to step in = a intra
to step in = (fig.) a interveni
to step aside = a se da la o parte
to step aside = a face digresiuni
to step into = a intra in
to step out = a iesi
to step out = a lungi pasul
to step out = a se emancipa
to step it = a dansa (un dans)
step on it! = grabeste-te!
to step on the gas = a apasa pe accelerator
to step up = a spori, a mari (productia)
to take a step forward = a face un pas inainte
step by step = pas cu pas
to tread in the steps of smb. = a calca pe urmele cuiva
to keep in step = a merge in cadenta
to get out of step = a strica cadenta
to take steps against smb. = a lua masuri impotriva cuiva
he has been moved up a step = a fost avansat in grad

(substantiv) footfall, footprint, footstep, gradation, measure, pace, stair, stride, tone
(verb) abuse, ill-treat, ill-use, maltreat, mistreat, tread