Traducere support în Dicționarul Englez Român


(sə'pōrt )

suport, sprijin
rezemare, sprijinire
verb tranzitiv
a sprijini
a ingriji de, a purta de grija
a sustine
a indura, a tolera
a intretine

to give support to the proposal = a sprijini propunerea
he is the support of his family = el este stalpul familiei
to support a motion = a sustine o propunere
to support the courage of the troops = a ridica moralul trupelor
he cold not support her impertinence = n-a putut suporta impertinenta ei
to support a family = a intretine o familie

(verb) contradict, negate

(substantiv) accompaniment, backing, documentation, keep, livelihood, living, reinforcement, supporting, sustenance
(verb) abide, affirm, back, bear, brook, confirm, corroborate, defend, digest, endorse, endure, hold, patronage, patronize, stand, stomach, subscribe, substantiate, suffer, sustain, tolerate