Traducere think în Dicționarul Englez Român


(thiŋk )

verb intranzitiv
a se gandi, a medita, a chibzui
a crede
verb tranzitiv
a crede, a gandi
a concepe
a-si imagina, a-si inchipui
a crede, a socoti
a gandi, a cugeta, a medita la

let me think = lasa-ma sa ma gandesc
I think so = asa cred, cred ca da
to think well of = a avea o parere buna despre
think twice befors you speak once = chibzuieste bine inainte de a vorbi
to think of / about = a se gandi la ceva
I think that it will rain = cred ca va ploua
I cannot think that = nu pot concepe asa ceva
I can`t think what you mean = nu-mi pot imagina ce vrei sa spui
to think fit to do smth. = a socoti potrivit sa faci ceva
to think it necessary to = a considera necesar sa
I thought to make it clearer = m-am gandit s-o redau mai clar
to think out = a examina serios, a aprofunda
to think out = a elabora (un proiect etc.)
to think out a plan = a elabora un plan
to think over = a reflecta la
I will think it over = voi reflecta
to think much of = a face mare caz de

(verb) block, forget

(verb) believe, cogitate, conceive, consider, guess, imagine, intend, mean, recall, reckon, recollect, remember, retrieve, suppose