Traducere touch în Dicționarul Englez Român


(təch )

pipait; pipaire
atingere, contact
(fig.): legatura
trasatura (de condei, penel)
pic, dram, cantitate infima
(muz.): tuseu
(med.): palpare
verb tranzitiv
a atinge (cu degetul etc.)
a atinge, a ajunge pana la
a atinge usor, in treacat
(fig.): a egala, a rivaliza cu
a pipai
a ofensa, a jigni
a privi, a interesa (pe cineva)
a induiosa, a misca
a atinge, a vatama
(fam.) (for)
a tapa
verb intranzitiv
(on, upon): a aborda (un subiect)
a vorbi despr;

he touched upon a tender point = a abordat un subiect delicat
he touched upon a tender point = a se atinge, a fi in contact
to the balls touch? = se ating bilele?
(mar.) to touch at = a face escala la
the sense of touch = simtul tactil
he felt a touch on his shoulder = a simtit o atingere pe umar
to keep in touch with = a pastra contactul/ legatura cu
the finishing touches = finisajul, ultimele retusuri
a touch of jealousy = un dram de gelozie
he can touch the ceiling = el ajunge pana la tavan
nobody can touch him in irony = numeni nu-l intrece in ironie
that touched him home = aceasta l-a jignit profund
it does not touch me at all = nu ma intereseaza de loc
the frost has touched the grapevine = gerul a atins vita de vie
he touched me for a pound = m-a tapat de o lira
to touch off = a schita in graba
to touch off = a intrerupe (o conversatie telefonica)
to touch up = a finisa (o lucrare, un tablou)
to touch up = a stimula (memoria)

(substantiv) contact, feeling, ghost, hint, jot, mite, pinch, signature, speck, spot, tinge, touching, trace
(verb) adjoin, advert, affect, allude, concern, disturb, equal, impact, match, meet, partake, pertain, reach, refer, relate, rival, stir, tint