Traducere will în Dicționarul Englez Român


(wil )

hotarare, voie
verb tranzitiv
a vrea
a face, a determina
a lasa prin testament#v. defectiv modal
a vrea, a fi hotarat sa#v. defectiv modal
a consimti

he has a will of his own = este un om voluntar
where there`s a will there`s a way = a voi inseamna a putea
what is your will? = care-ti este hotararea?
he is accustomed to have his will = e obisnuit sa i se faca pe voie
if you act against my will = daca actionezi contrar vointei mele
I hope you will take his will = sper ca veti tine cont de intentia lui
ill will = rea-vointa
good will = bunavointa
at will = dupa plac
you may alter it at will = poti sa-l modifici dupa plac/voie
to mention smb. in one`s will = a trece pe cineva in testament
I will not let you say it again = sunt hotarat sa nu te las s-o repeti
do it when you will = fa-o cand vrei
to will smb. to do smth. = a determina pe cineva sa faca ceva
he would not be photographed = n-a vrut sa se lase fotografiat
will you lend me your umbrella? = binevoiti sa-mi imprumutati umbrela dv.?
every day after lunch he will go for a walk = in fiecare zi face o plimbare dupa pranz
about the same time a knock would be heard at the door = in jurul aceleiasi ore se auzea o bataie in usa
and this gentleman will be your father I reckon-said the = iar acest domn trebuie sa fie tatal tau, dupa cat presupu
I hope they will come = sper ca vor veni
he will soon recover if he heeps in bed = se va insanatosi repede daca va sta la pat
we have made up our minds and we will do it = suntem hotarati si o vom face
do not worry, I will arrange it = nu-ti face sange rau, iti promit ca voi aranja aceasta

(verb) disown, disinherit

(substantiv) testament, volition
(verb) bequeath, leave, wish