Traducere care în Dicționarul Român Englez


pronume hotarat

(pt. persoane): who
(pt. lucruri): which
(pt. persoane si lucruri): that
(selectiv): which?
(neselectiv): what?
(cine): who?
pronume hotarat
h(unii): some
(oricare): whoever

(selectiv): which(?)
(neselectiv): what(?)

care femeie? = what woman?
care femeie? (selectiv) = which woman?
despre care = whom
baiatul caruia i-am scris = the boy to whom I wrote
care incotro = in all directions
care din acesti oameni? = which of these men?
care incotro = right and left
care din doi? = which of the two?
care mai de care = in eager rivalry
care pe care? = who will win?
care esti? fam. = who`s there?
care mai de care = trying to outdo each other
care-i ala? fam. = whom sau which do you mean?
(a)cei(a) care = those who
(a)cel(a) care = he who/that
cu care = with which/whom
cu care = wherewith
de care fel = what kind
despre care = whereof
despre care = of which
din care = out of which sau whom
din care = whence
prin care = by whom/which
prin care = whereby
care astepta scrisori,care ziare = some waited for letters
care astepta scrisori,care ziare = some for newspapers
care cum intra = each of those who entered
care mai de care cautau sa-l mangaie = they each and all did their best to comfort him
baiatul pe care l-am vazut = the boy (whom) I saw
dintre care ultimul era... = the latter of whom was...
fratele meu care a sosit ieri = my brother who arrived yesterday
gainile care oua = the fowls which/that lay
locul in care s-a nascut = the place in which he was born
locul in care s-a nascut (mai putin precis) = the place where he was born
nu care cumva sa intarzii! = be sure and come in time!
omul care sustine aceasta = the man who/that asserts it
care va sa zica (adica) = namely
care va sa zica (adica) = that is (to say)
care va sa zica (ei,bine) = well
care va sa zica (ei,bine) = why