Traducere reduce în Dicționarul Român Englez


verb tranzitiv
to reduce
(a micsora): to decrease
(a micsora): to diminish
(a micsora): to lessen
(cheltuieli): to cut down
(o vina): to extenuate
(pretul): to lower
(pretul): to reduce
(pretentii): to abate
(chim): to reduce
(pretul): to bring down
verb reflexiv
to be reduced etc.
(a se micsora): to decrease
(a se micsora): to diminish
(a se micsora): to lessen
(d. pretentii): to abate

a se reduce la... (d. o problema etc.) = to boil down to...
a se reduce la... (d. o problema etc.) = to come/amount... to
a se reduce la... (d. cheltuieli etc.) = to come down to...
la ce se reduc toate astea? = what is the upshot of it all?
a reduce la... fig. = to reduce to...
a reduce la minimum = to cut to the bone/to a minimum
a reduce la tacere = to put/reduce smb. to silence