Traducere dig în Dicționarul Englez Român


(dig )

ghiont (in coaste)
(fig.): remarca ironica
verb tranzitiv
a sapa
a infige
a vara
verb intranzitiv
a sapa
a lucra cu sapa

to dig for information = a face cercetari, investigatii
to have a dig at smb. = a lua pe cineva peste picior
to dig smb. in the ribs/in the side = a da cuiva un ghiont
to dig down = a distruge prin sapare
to dig from = a dezgropa din
to dig in/into = a ingropa
to dig in/into = a face transee
to dig up = a sapa adanc
to dig up = a desteleni

(substantiv) barb, digging, excavation, gibe, jab, shaft, shot, slam
(verb) apprehend, compass, comprehend, delve, drudge, excavate, fag, grasp, grind, hollow, labour, moil, poke, prod, savvy, stab, toil, travail