Traducere end în Dicționarul Englez Român


(end )

sfarsit, capat
incheiere, sfirsit
tel, tinta, scop
ramasita, capat, bucatica
verb tranzitiv
a (se) sfarsi

he makes no end of promises = face promisiuni fara numar
no end = peste masura de, foarte
to be no end disappointed = a fi extrem de dezamagit
at one`s finger-ends = la varful degetelor
to the ends of the world = pana la capatul pamantului
to make both ends meet = a o scoate la capat
placed end to end = puse cap la cap
on end = drept in sus
end on = cu capatul spre
for weeks, months, years on end = saptamani, luni, ani de-a randul, in sir
he is at the end of his tether = e la capatul puterilor
at one`s wit`s end = complet derutat
to be at the end of one`s patience = a fi la capatul rabdarilor
to keep up one`s end = a face fata, a se achita cu cinste
at a loose end = liber, fara ocupatie
to go off the deep end = a risca
at the end of the month = la sfarsitul lunii
there is an end to everything = toate lucrurile au un sfarsit
without end = fara sfarsit
to be at an end /to come to an end = a se sfarsi
to bring to an end = a termina
to come to a bad end = a se termina prost
to put an end to = a pune capat la, a sfarsi
to meet one`s end = a-si gasi sfarsitul
to make an end of = a pune capat la
to make an end of = a suprima, a omori
in the end = in cele din urma
in the end = la urma urmelor
at the end = la sfarsit
to the end that = pentru ca, in scopul de a
to gain one`s ends = a-si atinge scopurile
to no end = zadarnic, degeaba, fara rost
to this end = in acest scop
to what end? = cu ce scop?
odds and ends = resturi, ramasite
to end off = a sfarsi complet
you`ll end by doing it = va trebui s-o faci pana la capat
you`ll end up in = vei ajunge la

(substantiv) offset, first, beginning, start, commencement, outset, middle
(verb) get, commence, begin

(substantiv) close, closing, conclusion, death, destruction, ending, goal, last, remainder, remnant
(verb) cease, finish, stop, terminate