Traducere point în Dicționarul Englez Român


(pēnt )

virgula (intre intregi si zecim.)
punct (al unei probleme)
particularitate (de caracter etc)
(geom., mec. etc.): punct
punct, parte, loc
punct cardinal
moment, clipa
(sport): punct
aspect, detaliu
caracteristica (a unui animal)
varf, capat ascutit
(geogr.): promontoriu
(ferov.): ac, macaz
verb intranzitiv
(fig.): a batjocori
verb tranzitiv
a ascuti
a indrepta (o arma, o luneta etc.
a arata (cu degetul) spre
(d. caine): a inhata (un vanat)
a puncta, a insemna cu puncte
(constr.): a tencui cu
verb intranzitiv
(fig.): a vorbi de rau
(vanat., d. caine): a sta la panda

to point at = a arata cu degetul spre/la
he pointed at the old man = arata spre batran
he shall be pointed at = il vor arata cu degetul
to point to/towards = a fi indreptat spre, a fi intors (catre)
the weather-cock was pointing to the North = girueta era indreptata spre nord
to point to = a atrage atentia asupra, a semnala, a indica
I want to point to one fact = vreau sa atrag atentia asupra unui fapt
ten point three = zece virgula trei
the point of intersection of two lines = punctul de intersectie a doua linii
startingpoint point = punct de plecare
from point to point = din loc in loc
dead point = punct mort
point of view = punct de vedere
the cardinal points = punctele cardinale
at the point of leaving = in clipa plecarii
freezingpoint point = punct de inghet
boilingpoint point = punct de fierbere
at the highest point of = la cel mai inalt grad
how many points have you won ? = cate puncte ai obtinut ?
I do agree with you on this point = sunt de acord cu tine asupra acestui punct
to stand upon points = a fi meticulos
in point = potrivit
out of point = nepotrivit
please come to the point = va rog sa treceti la subiect
he carried his point = a avut castig de cauza
the point of the story = poanta unei povestiri
I don`t see the point = nu vad unde vrei sa ajungi
the points of a horse = caracteristicile unui cal
he has his good points too = are si el partile lui bune
the point of a needle = varful unui ac
to point out (fig.) = a indica, a semnala, a atrage atentia
to point out = a arata cu degetul
he pointed him out to me = mi-l arata cu degetul
allow me to point out a few mistakes = permiteti-mi sa semnalez cateva greseli

(substantiv) degree, detail, dot, head, item, level, peak, period, spot, stage, stop, tip
(verb) aim, bespeak, betoken, charge, direct, guide, indicate, maneuver, manoeuvre, orient, place, sharpen, show, signal, steer, taper, target